Monday, April 21, 2008

Two This Part B

In the months that followed my call to join the Spooky Men, I took what steps I could to prepare myself. I practised what I knew of the sacred spooky chants, and hoped that my offerings would not be found wanting. I walked alone at night, contemplating the stars and searching for signs in the heavens of what my coming journey might offer. I trained my body in accordance with the little that was known of their ways. I spent much time on my knees and tried as I might to match something of their renowned flexibility and digital dexterity. Many was the birch sapling that gave its all without complaint to the demands of my regimen.

My role was to be that of vanguard. But even before the van's arrival, I went on ahead. I arrived by way of flying machine into that port city known as Macquarie. The sky was heavy with cloud as I made my way to my lodgings. Above the sign of the Starbuck I was shown to my bed-chamber. There was magic all around. The walls shone as though carved from purest alabaster. Dark potions and tasty sweet-meats were offered to me, and I feasted gratefully. Few words were spoken, as my hosts took their leave and left me to rest. They had a journey of their own to take that night, to meet with their fellows. They taught salsa to the local people, and their skills were required that evening.

I was content to spend time alone, and ponder what the days to come might offer. I left my lodgings only briefly, to find sustenance at a local tavern. It was a strange repast, but tasty. The food was in the style of Thailand, a distant place. Music drifted into the eating-chamber from an unseen source. I recognised the familiar strains of the bouzouki, and even picked out some melodies that were known to my people. (Morning Has Broken, I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, and Edelweiss all brought comfort to the scene.) After my meal I returned to my room and to my bed. I slept fitfully, alone in the unfamiliar darkness.

The next morning I rose early and walked by the water's edge and awaited the arrival of the first to find me.

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